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Gravidio - Personal use & developer lisense


Thank you for purchasing GRAVIDIO products and welcome to the area. MUST READ and SLIP THIS PAGE UNTIL THE END

After buying GRAVIDIO, you automatically have the right to get a developer license / developer license,

Developer GRAVIDIO permission changes
You may use GRAVIDIO for your own project or for project clients,

The client is someone who needs your services to make videos or graphics, and he offers payment in return,
so you don’t provide projects created with GRAVIDIO, completely free.

The final file submitted to the client is the finished file (video format and image format) not the raw file

Broadly speaking, you do not agree to:
[x] cannot be sold in any form, except services / offerings for making video and graphics with the final format, ie you are paid to make video and graphic orders from clients and sent with the final format, not inventory files, the final format is format videos (mp4, vmv and so on) or image formats (jpg, png, etc.), then what if the client wants a raw format? (video, graphics or website)

You can just buy a license price re-license, you can chat directly Ramdan casmara

via whatsapp: +6285722440899

[x] may not be used as a membership system, one license is only for one user
[x] cannot be used as a bonus in any form
[x] does not agree to compile, replace and then resell

Hope your work is approved, and this product is protected by law.

join the affiliate if you want to sell GRAVIDIO templates, so blessings and blessings.

Please chat with WhatsApp.

Thank you for joining GRAVIDIO, hopefully it will be useful,
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